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    It employs a few escaped, clearly for what reasons, bookers from IBM/Vera models. The Agency is run by a businessman from Hong Kong. Very friendly and not particularly pretentious person. When was invited on guarantor in this Agency, asked other girls, who there was, reviews were conflicting. But the guarantor is still better than just a contract. All the more I wanted precisely in shzh, grew city likes, not the first time'm flying there. There were three of us when we arrived. One girl left a couple of days after I arrived.

    That left me, Phil, and Rebecca, the girl on the first trip. On arrival in GK I was met by Booker, as I asked to pick me up and take me to the apartments (there was a bad experience of losing in previous trips). All without problems, met, on a separate car drove. Pocket 500 RMB issued a couple of days. For the SIM card, at least now, we do not pay every month. Only the first time, a hundred, standard. The old apartment was in a normal area, next to Central Park. The only thing was the cockroaches. But I think all models in China are used to it. When there was an incident with a cockroach in my bed, I wrote to the Agency, and a couple of days later, when we went to auditions in Guangzhou, a pest control service was ordered to aparty. Through 4 days from cockroaches not remained and a trace.

    Since the work was tense, organized tests. Very normal. I didn't work that hard, but it wasn't cheap. I am glad that customers from normal companies. But Rebecca not worked at all for 1.5 month as here was. By the middle of my contract, the Agency decided to change apartments. We moved closer to the office to a great neighborhood. Metro station and shopping complex Link City. Around within walking distance of 4 shopping centers, one of which is completely cafes / restaurants. It is also Carrefour. And maximum to the far shopping center to go 10-15 minutes. The office is even closer, just get out of our complex and walk straight up the block. We live on the 10th floor. Rooms 3, two bathrooms, normal kitchen. For those who like smoothies or mashed potatoes, as well as any kitchen utensils available. Dryer, no iron, steamer instead. Water orders Agency, two bottles with an electronic pump. As only she ends the simply write on and on footprint.day or in this same(depends on time), bring.

    Booker. Bookers, as such, three. Money, Stephen and may. Mani runs most of the Agency, she is very welcoming and a good woman. Never seen its the angry, even if what the problems, she decides their. Speaks good English. Steven has a large client base, and constantly goes to auditions with us. He's funny, but English is lame. Oftentimes the is late on 5-10 minutes, but this not so terribly. May sits in the office, and we only see her at Agency dinners or when we come for money. She is more relaxed than many. Still there is Jeff, this driver, he restrained, a bit says on English, and if what the problems, too, helps.

    It was a case of going to the hospital, maybe went I'm allergic all over my body. I called the insurance company, they made an appointment at their clinic. Wrote about all may, and without any questions I was taken to the right address. Helped to print out the documents from the insurance for the hospital, also paid for the reception, and agreed without question just to withdraw part of this amount from the guarantor. So same all documents, checks voted and checked, to they were I have, grew need were for insurance, to return spending on reception and drugs. Subsequently, the Agency was asked about the feeling when we don't even see whether I need anything and all things.

    The Agency is new, they are swinging, there is not much work, but it depends on the type and luck, of course. But the attitude and the team are just wonderful. The new apartment is completely clean. There are no cockroaches here at all.I've been looking for pitfalls, but they're not there yet. Let's see what will happen at the end of the contract, TK here for another month to be. But I would like to recommend Magnet Models, and I hope this new Agency will do well. As really want to come back here again just because of normal, peaceful relations, without Chinese hazards.
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